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Grocery store wrapping paper

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Went to the grocery store with Maddie yesterday, and the wrapping paper was there, to wrap our groceries in, if we wanted to wrap them up. For free. I had never seen that before, and I think it is beautiful.
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Hi! We're actually on together :0) I have to go in a minute but it's so good to see you ! I hope you check out my birthday image for you... ♥


Well, at least I have never seen paper like this just sitting out for people to use. I have a sample to bring back home. It did so delight me, :))


Much more interesting than what happens here :0)


there are lots of wonderful foods there I think, Maddie!!! thanks for posting this for me!

I agree,Kirsten. THis is a wonderful idea.... I wonder how many times it is used for birthday presents. :) I am having a wonderful time... Maddie is doing dishes right now and has set me up on her laptop for soem jigidi time. I am very slow solving puzzles on it,though. BUt figured I could at least answer some comments. I can't get jigidi anymoreon my laptop, Kirsten. Just words and boxes with question marks in side the boxes where the pictures should be. I think my laptop has reached its limits for jigidi graphics.... so I think I will be gone until I get my desktop set up when I get home. BUt I am knitting socks these days so have something to do when Maddie is puzzling away here. I hjave to laugh... because her computer is underlining every word I write as if everything is spelled wrong because it isn't in Dutch. THanks for dropping by. :))


How cool is that? I LOVE this idea!! Thanks for sharing it with us, Phloxie! And I hope you two are having a wonderful time! (❛ᴗ❛)


Now, this is interesting !!! LOL I see all kinds of foods I like ! :-))

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