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Curved Roads

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12 pieces
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Anyone want to drive on this?
Why this advertisement?


  1. caroshop0:11
  2. evelreed0:11
  3. Graciela0:12
  4. truck0:13
  5. Robbos0:13
  6. marganc0:14
  7. brgos0:14
  8. wjl10150:14
  9. mariolyn0:15
  10. maryoz20140:15


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I'll give it a try Jan!!


Thank you, Jan for removing all my puzzles from Pinterest.


Jan I create my puzzles for use on Jigidi only (or that's what I thought I was doing) I am aware of the 'P' under puzzles, and thought this was for my use if I wished to use it. I know you mean well but you should have asked me first, so all I ask is for you to remove my puzzles from Pinterest and any other site you may have them on please, Thank you.


Gladstone, not in your backyard either. Still cold there?


Wow!! That's a lot of snow.
Good thing it is not in your back yard.
Thanks Jan.


petslave, walking can not be as bad as driving.


nope, wouldn't even walk it. That is insane!

Why this advertisement?