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A chocolate cafe in Dublin
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  1. Hasli2:32
  2. valerie012:57
  3. rahas3:26
  4. Ianto3:46
  5. riuskaria4:05
  6. Abbie4:07
  7. kimmandel4:13
  8. diannez4:16
  9. LILarry5:00
  10. nadianne135:06


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Funny! Good night to you too Linda ..


Oh my God! This is the reason why we didn't visit Ireland. I probably would have booked a hotel on the same street., but then again I probably would not fit on the seat of the plane ride back. In Fl. if you buy it you had better eat it right away. Unless you have a cooler it would never make it home.. That's okay, that's why we eat it right away. Loved this puzzle. Thank you for posting it. Have a Good Night Linda


Good morning @jerrys, yeap, it’s a good thing it’s not in my neighborhood too! I’d be a little hyper with the chocolate samplings :) I imagine a cup of coffee in a Chocolate Cafe would be paradise !! Chocolate is my favorite food and I’m sure it’ll be in Heaven when I get there:)
I’m smiling, I can’t picture you looking like Otis Campbell because of a sugar coma, but it’s a funny thought! Have a good day . . I’m looking forward to your new puzzles.


@Teagardener HEAVENS! I am glad that this is not in my neighborhood! I'd be the unshaven, disheveled guy in the sugar coma hunched over the corner know, the equivalent of the town reprobate in the corner tavern that you've read about in seedy novels. TFP SSSW!!

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