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Martin pêcheur

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  1. kaz12:10
  2. bwhalen2:34
  3. Albis2:41
  4. donurban2:44
  5. Corrievdlinden2:59
  6. beatlecarol3:00
  7. Fififi3:05
  8. mikies3:09
  9. miztarefet3:12
  10. deartwo3:17


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HaHa, Phil. I'm learning that sometimes pigs CAN fly if we help them along. ; )
I just started using a camera a few months ago, also self-taught. Hard, isn't it? But we must keep trying.
This picture is a favorite. This kingfisher must have babies to feed with so many minnows in his beak---or else he is very hungry! Have you ever watched one? They sit on a tree branch over the water, dive down & catch one, fly back up to the branch, bang the crap out of it on the branch until it is stunned & stops wiggling, & then flips it head-first into its mouth. Really neat to watch..........

Hello annjax , oh not regrettably, I am an enthusiast of photography certainly but as private individual in self-taught. In the daytime or I shall manage to take so beautiful pictures , pigs can fly ^^, I find this magnificent photo also:-)


This is a marvelous photo, PhilB. Did you take it? Thank you so much for showing it to us.............

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