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Energy Abounds

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Plasma the fourth state of matter..
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Fascinating! It looks like a man.


Hi Alex. Well the storm didn't get us but the ceramic tile in the kitchen got me. I got my foot caught in the sheet the dog lies on in the family room and it pitched me into the kitchen. Blood everywhere. My knees are still real bruised, my right elbow, hands cut and bruised and my nose it broke. I landed face first on the tile. That was last week. Now my back is hurting..lower back and my nose still hurts. It's still blue some and so is my chin. I am thankful that I didn't knock my teeth out. I have an appt. with my Dr. tomorrow for x-rays. My nose just has a small hump on it and I am not worried about that. It will just add some character to my face. Lol. I will see what the Dr thinks about my back, knees and a bruise on my right breast. I will let you know when I find out anything. I was in bed for two days and I am up and around now, slowly. I am just now getting back on my PC. See ya later. Hugs. Sharon ;-D ❤️


Hi @iceng
Great image and fun puzzle to put together! Thank you!


Thanks Shari :-))
Lightning is ever strange..
One night I hope is to see ball Lightning..


What an amazing picture! Thanks for that!


I used to have some of those from lightning hitting the sand. I don't know what I did with them!! I have a fossil of an underwater lily that I found while digging in KY. I took it to the college here in Mobile and they told me what it was. I do know where that is. lol. We are well, thanks. You take care. ;-D ❤️


I thought of you Sharon after posting .. Knowing the many neat lightning pics you have put out there..
I still go follow local storms in the hunt for fulgurites, no luck in pin pointing where it strikes.. Even with a portable electroscope, the impact zone is not revealing itself.. Ah well..
Family and friends are surviving the virus..
Hope you are healthy and well. Alex :-))


Wow! It really does look like it's walking. Scary! We have a lot of storms here in Mobile. As soon as I hear thunder, I run into the house. I knew two people who were killed by lightning. What a great shot! Thanks, Alex. I hope you are well, my friend. ;-D ❤️


Met a man that was struck by lightning on horseback traveling with friends in the Sierra foothills..
It was evening storm and he wore a raincoat when sheet lightning struck him instantly killing his horse and burning where he was in contact with the animal.. He was rendered unconscious, but his friends applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation..
For a year he became an invalid.. At three years he was still experiencing nerve pain but could function.


Just don't let it touch you :-))


Awesome photo. Enjoyed working the puzzle.


That looks like a lightning beast!

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