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Thank you for your lovely birthday puzzles - and all the comments from so many people. Most of you have been here for quite a while. I am very moved by the oceans of love you've sent me.

This puzzle is one of my birthday presents from my family. A jigsaw puzzle (of a lighthouse!) to bring the family together.
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  2. papahen7:30
  3. Robbos8:53
  4. lefty508:56
  5. Dilubreuer9:09
  6. Watchman9:13
  7. ullauhrskov9:32
  8. Deanna9:53
  9. alias2v9:59
  10. Hera93310:02


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With the passing of time since you posted this puzzle I would bet you a dollar you have finished it!!
I love Jigidi and I live in Boise, Idaho, USA. You may now add me to your map of the world. ;-)


Have you ever thought of having an exhibit of some of the great original photos that are posted on Jigidi? Perhaps even a book. I can not solve puzzles of every very good photographer but just look at schutkleur, Ginni2 and joyfully. They have some wonderful examples of original photography.


Happy birthday to our very dear Jigidi - thanks to You and Stefan Charlotte and Mette for making us all so happy day in and day out and many nights too - God Bless you all with good health and happiness - lots of love @brightspark @sparklightie and @spaklies xxxxxx


Happy New Year! Blessings in 2019 to all touched by this site.


Happy New Year to you and yours. Ank ♥


happy holidays to you mangus and all of you at jigidi....I stumbled here by accident some time ago...and have been hooked ever do have a lot of lovely/friendly clientel.....thanks..what a great idea for a site....happy new year to you all


Merry Christmas to you and your family, and all the Jigidi team, Magnus. ❊♥︎☺︎♥︎❊


Christmas Blessings to the Jigidi crew! We love and appreciate you!


With all my good wishes for a lovely and homely Christmas time!
Thanks for all you (all of you) do for us!!


Merry Christmas Magnus!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Magnus.


I'd like to pile my good wishes on sparklightie's. You have give us the gift of friends, laughter and education. All the best for Christmas and blessings for the new year. :)))


Wishing You and all our Jigidi Family a Blessed Happy Christmas and all the very best for a Healthy 2019. Much love Sparklightie, Britghtspark and Spaklies ♥☺♥ @Magnus


Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your birthday, and are enjoying this lighthouse puzzle with your family. Jigidi was a great inspiration on your part, and this site brings enjoyment to so many, including me, through the puzzles and also through friendship and camaraderie. Best wishes and much thanks! ☺︎♥︎


@bevpuzzler8 Me, too. I thought of that and I haven't spoken to Brooke lately, but I'm sure she saw it on the news, too. Poor people, what a mess...............Wendy

Hi Wendy, I saw the News today and saw the devastation in Hawaii and thought of your g/dgtr.
So glad she was home already.


Magnus, this site is the absolute best. When I joined it took me a bit to really get started, now I'm addicted!!! Not sure if that is good or bad. The people who are on Jigidi are the best, and so many people from all over the world. It is the greatest site and cannot thank you enough for creating it..............hugs, Wendy


Magnus, I have just learned that you created this site... I do love puzzles and enjoy Jigidi very much. And as it is always better late than never, "Happy Birthday" to you and thanks for sharing your birthday's gift. Greetings and a nice weekend to you ,


Magnus took me 16:10 to do your birthday puzzle thank you for sharing your gift, and again for this lovely site☺☺


What Jeri said!! I was checking out puzzle sites online since we didn't have room enough to leave a puzzle out for everyone to work. I "Stumbled Upon" Jigidi and liked the format. Then I commented on a puzzle or two and met some of the best people I've ever known!! Thank you so much for making all this possible!!!!! :))


I know all about what a cat can do to a puzzle. How about 2 cats...? little buggers!
Thats just one of the great things about puzzle pieces all over the floor.
The best thing tho, is the people you get to chat with from all over the world!
And the friends you make.
Thank You, Mangus for making this possible.


Good puzzle! Happy belated birthday. Love jigsaw puzzles and jigidi is great because you don't need a special table. Okay family can't all squeeze before the computer but you can enlarge it if need be and you don't have to worry about the cat causing a disruption. Ask me how I know. Thanks for sharing it all.


You are welcome Magnus! Thank you for making the world smaller for us!


How nice to hear from you Magnus.
A puzzle indeed brings (part????) of the families together.
My late husband and I often made a big puzzle and the children would just walk past and… find exactly the piece I'd been looking for!
Good memories of those times.
But jigidi, jigidi community and Jigidi University are great too!
My hobby is to make and post pictures, not directly to solve many!


Thanks Magnus! Happy puzzling! :)


I'm so pleased to see that you still get on here yourself and even seem to know the community. Best wishes for many more happy birthdays. Marilyn in Calgary

Glad your special day turned out perfect. It is so nice to be part of jigida. I love this site and thank you for being instrumental in putting it together. I wish you and yours nothing but wellness.
Beverly U.S.A. 8-21-18..6:30 p.m.


Glad that your family saw fit to gift a puzzle! When I was a kid we always had a card table set up in the family room in summer with a communal puzzle on it. Sometimes one and sometimes many would contribute for awhile, passing time companionably. It was a lovely way to be together (and not too strenuous -- no AC in those days). I took puzzles in to work with my mom and anyone else who cared to join us when she lived in a nursing setting. It always captured people's attention and she made a few friends that way, too.


Looks like a big table. Must be a big puzzle and a big family.

We thank you magnus for the community you have developed.


Celebrating the jigsaw puzzle and sharing it in celebration of your birthday. Thank you


except we have it easy! All the pieces are aligned to True North!


~ ❤️~ 13:23
Mangus, I see where you do the boarders first... so do I. Nice thick pieces too.
Hope you had a great day...! Thanks for the tag.


Your family chose the perfect gift. Yay for our Jigidi Family! Puzzles & Smiles! ☺♥☺


Thanks for this nice puzzle Magnus. I was too slow to make the board. In the past I used to do these jigsaws but my eyes are not good enough anymore to do them. I need the pieces closer to my eyes. So Jigidi was the site for me. ☺ And then I discovered that it was much more than puzzles only. It is family. ☺
And yes, you are a part of that family too. ☺
Thanks for everything Magnus. I hope we can celebrate your birthday for many many more years. ☺


Such a perfect birthday gift. I seldom do the "real" ones anymore. Jigidi is such a pleasure in my life.


Memories of my years had solving these only to get near the end finding a piece missing or lost.
Still have boxes in the cupboard which have been put together many times with family contribution of those cold wet days.
Thank you, Magnus for the fun so we can enjoy your birthday with you☺☺


This is (as I've said before) the greatest group of folks I've ever known!! And we seem to keep growing!! :))


yes.....basically it is a nice group here.....I can't remember how I found it....but I love jigsaw puzzles


indeed Robin, chatrooms or group chats can be a riot. Might be an expensive 'upgrade' for TPTB though... I'm just so happy to know all of you guys :)

mackabroin was a neat site......and we all met so many great people.....had lots of "reunion" when we all or a few got together.....many of them I still visit or keep in touch yahoos of course..but you can put them on


LOL Robin are you sure you want to let me loose "live"? :D


I used to be on a site called "excite chat" and you could actually type "live" to the other people in the "room".....or it could be the puzzle......I think jigidi should look into that???


Thank you, Magnus...and as my father used to say to all those lovely comments below, "Ditto." :D

(But I don't see the jigsaw hammer aywhere. LOL)


I love the title of your special puzzle for us. I agree with everything said here. You have broadened our world, and so many happy tears have been shed for things posted by our friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :))))))

A w s o m e !! Increible!!


thanks magnus.......this is the perfect gift to give all of us on "your" hope you hada great day


Perfect gift for you!


You are welcome Magnus. Can't do this puzzle though, too big for me. I hope you had a great day...........Wendy


Magnus, thank you very much for the link, it's really a great surprise and joy for me. Once again, I wish you a lot of health, happiness and love for your birthday. Thank you for the wonderful sites and gladly I will put your puzzle. For all of us, I wish many beautiful moments together with our common hobby. Good luck. Deanna :))


Wow! Memories! My family gathered around the dining room table on cold winter evenings and put puzzles together. We would stay up till all hours and had such a great time. Thank you for sharing this one and for all you do to keep this wonderful website going for us.


Nothing is more fun than a jigsaw puzzle on the table .. My mother usually kept one on a table .. When you went by you would automatic find a piece … Hope you had a wonderful birthday .. Making you a card is only a little thing compared to what you do to keep the site going .. Thank you . Pat

Lovely puzzle Magnus, thank you for sharing it with us all. I can only re-iterate what the majority of your jigadiers have said, I'm sure there are many more of us who would have done so too! I spend so much time on and absolutely love your site and wish I had been aware of it sooner. Being in contact with so many lovely people all over the world makes so much difference to my days, I look forward to each day now and absolutely love it when I receive so many good & sometimes not so good comments. Thank you so much for sharing and helping to make my days happier and brighter.......


Great puzzle of a puzzle, can't wait to see yours completed, I hope you post it. Thank you so much Magnus.


Very nice! thank you for sharing that with us. :)

I guarantee that there were many more of us who would have wished you well but missed the opportunity for some reason. Jigidi makes a real difference in the lives of many, a lot of them isolated through geography, loss, or disability.

Your sleepless night has given so many people hundreds of thousands of hours of entertainment, and friendship, laughs, sharing, and hope. You have a very real impact on goodness in the world. Thank you for all your hard work; you are a strong force of world peace!

Godt helbred for dig og din familie.


Glad you had a good day. That puzzle looks like it will take awhile. Wow. Great table for big puzzles. Hang in there. You are so needed.--Ardy, Maryland

A puzzle of a picture of a puzzle with a picture of the puzzle...I love it! Thank you for your birthday gift to us Magnus.


A very thoughtful present from your family and so appropriate, too :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Fun puzzle, thanks. Those few pieces in the foreground kept yelling at me to put them together.


Very nice Magnus! Puzzles do bring families together. When my grandson was here for a visit, I set up two puzzles during his stay and many times there would be 4 of us gathered around the puzzle, working on it and talking. It's sometimes hard to find something an 11 year old would like to do, but he loved the puzzles. I'm glad you had a happy birthday!

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