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Lee Dubin - Good old days.

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208 pieces
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  1. tedstryker35:02
  2. ShaneLee36:24
  3. Kyrin38:13
  4. prek074539:53
  5. Diannepuzzle52:03
  6. kurfirstova52:04
  7. mamina53:54
  8. imarustedwrench54:54
  9. luly55:36
  10. soupdragon4656:41


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Well, this was tricky on the eye!
Thanks for sharing Lovely :)


A rather delayed reply to your query. The maximum number of pieces is 540. It depends on the ratio of your image size. A 4 to 3 ratio will go to 540 pieces. For example, 2000 by 1500; 2400 by 1800 pixels etc. The resolution of the image affects the quality of it's appearance on screen. The higher the resolution the better the clarity but you need to offset that with the bigger overall saved size unless you save to external storage.
Usually I use 72 dpi resolution and image size 2400 x 1800 pixels. I use Photoshop to create my stuff. If you use web images or photographs to post it's all going to be affected by the source's resolution and pixel size. I hope that makes sense. If not, ask away!
PS Sniff, sniff no more :-))


i can help with that question.
the maximum size that a puzzle can be (as far as pieces is concerned) is determined by
how large the graphic was that you started with.
i started with a canvas that is 1600 x 1200 pixels. my largest size is 520 pieces and the smallest is 12.
if you need any help, please contact me through one of my puzzles.
Have a great day!


You're very welcome, Luly.
I tried to upload some more, but somehow I only get the option for 215 pieces max, often less.
No fun creating puzzles that way.
I honestly wonder how other people almost always seem to be able to post puzzles of over 300 pieces. sniff, sniff.


You are right Fruttel, that the facial expressions tell an entire story. That's what I enjoyed so much after finishing this puzzle! I loved it and I thank you for it. :-)


You're very welcome, spdean.
I have to admit to not even knowing Lee Dubin existed until I found one of her paintings here on Jigidi, at the Cornerofeden account.
The facial expressions in each painting tell an entire story, I too love her work already. :)


Love this series by Lee Dubin. I have this as a real jigsaw puzzle. Enjoyed this Jigidi one immensely. Thank you for this gem!

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