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I'm sorry to have to announce that this will be my last Shame drawing.
There have been too many changes lately for me to keep putting up puzzles.
I will stay a little longer on my other profile, ChaosGenerator, as long as I have drawings.
Then I stop there too.
I'm not shutting down my profiles so you can still get a dose of my puzzles.
There just won't be any more new ones.
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  1. judepugh2:38:58
  2. guichu233:08:16
  3. ssigne3:10:05
  4. Di153:14:13
  5. teresal3:23:17
  6. werbo33:28:47
  7. TesaB3:36:22
  8. pen84495:01:03
  9. simonsmom5:10:10
  10. leonieb5:45:36


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I have sure enjoyed these puzzles and will miss having new ones to do. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us all. I am sorry you will no longer be able to do these, and am wishing you the very best going forward.

Your puzzles have given me many hours of enjoyment. I will miss them. Best wishes to you for the future

Hi Guldfinn
Your puzzles are absolutely amazing....

det er jeg ked af at høre...

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