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How many pentominoes are in the image? Answer on completion of puzzle.
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  1. Softwareminister30:07
  2. felicityjigidi44:30
  3. makino45:12
  4. xstitcher746:13
  5. Eee48:52
  6. annsian49:37
  7. Jeannie_D49:43
  8. leonaar0849:49
  9. SewingSally50:26
  10. townie50:31


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Nice one, thanks a bunch.

A pentomino is a polyomino composed of five congruent squares, connected along their edges. There are 12 different free pentominoes, named after the letters of the Latin alphabet they resemble. Ordinarily, the pentomino obtained by reflection or rotation of a pentomino does not count as a different pentomino.

Try Google!

Unfortunately the resolution of the jigsaw image can not show the smallest shapes so a bit difficult to see how small they go.


what is a pentominoe ? I might not finish the puzzle (but I love the color's)



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