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Caught in the act!

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The Brush-tailed Possum at 11PM last night - and the Crows make a hit-and run on the bird feeder!

Brisbane, Australia.
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  1. snooker0:13
  2. stephen0:14
  3. PLG19580:14
  4. DrMary0:14
  5. Robbos0:14
  6. Dilubreuer0:14
  7. mariolyn0:15
  8. Shian20:15


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He's all yours - if you like Lunie:))) They're a pest:))))


Love that possum Rob!


Of course you do Plumpie:))) LOL!!! I'll send you a few of our grunting and growling night-time visitors if you like:))))


I think ALL possums are cute. Heh heh....


Thanks Cathy:)))


Great pictures Rob!! And interesting comments too. : )


Thanks Marry:))

LOL! I'll send you some Lyndee:))) we have plenty!! Thanks :))


Oh what a cute little animal. Our possum's aren't this cute!


Going with the flow is as good a plan as any, Rob :-)


Thanks Patti:)))

LOL!! No Marry - if the Begonias don't survive the Possums then too bad:))) If I cover them or re-pot them they'll probably still find them:))) This is the only plant that they've eaten in our garden - so I won't buy them in future!! Thanks :)))


Do I notice a plan brewing there, Rob? So far you've aways improved on a situation you didn't like :-)


Wonderful photos! Thanks, Robyn!


Thanks Denise - he is a cutie, but.... and the Crows are cheeky:)) They like the bread mix too!


He is so cute ,sorry about the begonias though, the crows look very cheeky.
Thanks rob
Hugs ♥


Thanks Janet:)) We must have all your Crows AND Possums:))) I'll send you some of each if you like:))) We used to have Sparrows and Peewees when we first moved here - but I think the crows ate all the eggs!


Two fabulous photos thanks Rob. We used to have an occasional possum visited here but we haven't seen her for years now. I was telling Rob that there are supposed to be more possums living the Greater Brisbane area now than there are in the country areas! We rarely see a crow here. I think because we have a family of Magpies that rule my garden. I don't think they clash. Hugs to you.


They're a cute pest IF - a bit of an oxymoron I know, but true:))) Thanks :))

My Begonias are shrinking a bit each night Shirley - so I wish he'd go away:)) I do like Crows - just not their calls! Thanks :)))


The Brush tail possums are rather cute, but can be very naughty too, because the old crow is so common we kind of forget about them, they are a lovely bird in their own right, Thanks for posting your wildlife Rob.


Great photos robryan. I thought the possum looked cute, but reading the comments it sounds like he's more of a pest. I love the symmetry of the bird photo - two pairs.


Then you're lucky Nev:))) They walk the power lines here and make all sorts of growly noises at night!! Then they clonk along our guttering!! As for the Crows - they took up residence during a drought years ago, and never left!! They raid other bird's nest for eggs and get chased by the noisy Miners:))) Thanks :))

Thanks Barb:))) But I wish it would spare my Begonias!!! I just wish the Crows wouldn't make such a racket - their Ark, Ark, Arking is so strident:))) but I like the softer noises that they make:)))

LOL! I'll send some over for you snooker:))) Thanks :)))

Your possums are so much better looking than the ones we have (even if they are eating your begonia leaves). :)


Cute little critter Rob, even though it can be a pest sometimes....LOL The crows are great too, they are soooo intelligent...they can have brains of a 5 year old child...Wow!


LOL!! He sure was Suzy - and he's eating my new Begonia leaves:(((( Thanks :))

I don't mind his eating the left-over seed Dave - but he's helping himself to the fresh Begonias as well!! Yes - the crows are a lot bigger than the Lorikeets - but they have to pick their moments to swoop:))) Thanks :))


It's a hard thing to try to keep unwanteds away from the feeders. I hadn't realized the crows were so much bigger than the Lorikeets.


Looks to me like he's playing possum!!!
Great combo of photos, Rob! :)

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