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Now the baskets have been taken down...

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I've found some more wall art to cover up the rusty brackets on the wall.

Wasn't sure which category to choose for this but spotted that Sophie had managed to get herself into the picture so will go with Animals!
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  1. calluna2:22
  2. cookin2:35
  3. WillyPaula2:39
  4. Impie3:03
  5. zhaba473:09
  6. barbt3:15
  7. tisketsmum3:16
  8. Klee3:28
  9. raubaugh3:59
  10. Kayell4:24


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I got them from a local garden centre, Mil, after a bit of research on line. I was given one as a present and put it on a north facing wall where I'd optimistically put a basket! It's here:

If you put garden wall art into Google images, you'll find there's lots of lovely stuff out there. Worth a look now with Christmas coming up - happy hunting...!


They're lovely Kayell, where did you get them from?
I don't have a plain light coloured wall but people who create something as lovely as these may well do other "garden art".


I recognise that experience, Pammi, and not just big... I had a window seat on the leg from Singapore to Melbourne and, looking down once we were over land, for hours and hours, there was basically no sign of habitation - Absolutely Nothing There!


Yes, it sure is big, Kayell. I clearly remember our first plane trip overseas many years ago and we were on the way to Athens with the first stop to be in Bangkok. Five hours after we had taken off from Sydney the pilot's voice came over the loudspeaker to say we were just passing over the north-west coast and leaving the Australian continent behind and I had been thinking that we had to be nearly at our destination by then!!! ☺☺


D'you know - my brain (such as it is,,,) had still got you in Perth...? I then remembered that you'd moved but realised that you'd disappeared from my "Followed" list as well (now re-instated). Just starting to go through now to see what I've missed - have just caught up, eg, with news about Maegi...

My Melbourne visit was for a conference - 6 weeks in the Town Hall (mmm - lovely...). We did manage to get out and about a bit early on at least though. My - Australia's big, isn't it...?


Yes, they do say that Melbourne can experience the whole four seasons in one day. Maybe next time you might choose to visit Queensland. Lots and lots to see here. ♥♥


Very true, Pammi... On my only visit to Oz (so far...), I spent 6 weeks in Melbourne and was told never to go out without sun-glasses and an umbrella - they were right!


Kayell, I reckon if we did not have the weather to complain about there would a huge shortage of conversations no matter what country we are in. ☺☺☺☺☺


Thanks, Pammi. In fact, the baskets didn't do all that well this year, mainly because of very hot spell we had in summer. Oh dear - we Brits always complain about the weather no matter what it does!

Sophie says thank you and waves her whiskers in your general direction...!


Oops, got carried away and forgot to say Hi to Sophie. Hi there beautiful girl. ☺♥☺♥


What a great idea, Kayell and yes, the one with the kitty cat is especially eye catching. I recalled that you had posted some pics when you put up your gorgeous flower-filled baskets so had to go back and remind myself that they were definitely as lovely as I remembered them. Never mind. When Spring comes around again you can have your pretty flowers up on the wall once more. ♥♥♥


I hadn't noticed that she was there till I was about to post the picture, Impie! I'm quite pleased with the plaques(?) too. It looked a bit messy with nothing there once the baskets had gone.


Lovely wall art, Kayell, and great cover up too. I in particular like the one with the cat in it....I'm glad you didn't crop Sophie from the picture....she has found herself a nice place to oversee her domain! ♥☺♥


Thanks, Calluna. Yes - Sophie was catching the last of the late afternoon sun. It's gone now and she's up on the bed!


Nice wall art, Kayell! What a good solution...something pretty to look at as well as hiding the brackets. Well done. Looks like Sophie was basking in sunbeams.

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