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Magical Mountains

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For Magda, whenever she sees it :-)
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Latifa :-))))))

Iris... Pixie fairies who want to taste the mountains ??? When was your first book due??? :-)))))

Okay Gail please hum the word "mum" then:-))) You made me very curious !!

Thanks so much Spaklies !! :-)) Hope you had a lovely Christmas too !

tahnks Piggie !! :-))


Lovely puzzle.


cotton candy mountains - so beautiful maddie - wishing you and your family a really beautiful blessed xmas ♥♥♥ withlots of love and hugs


I'm sorry, Maddie, but people have paid me NOT to sing. Unless you're willing to pay me TO sing, mum's the word.


These are rock candy mountains dipped in a glorious rainbow. I love how you did the clouds. Those stars are pixie fairies getting ready to fly down from the sky and taste those mountains. Grins and smiles!☺♥☺


My husband thought of that Maddie... I saw magical mountains on a magical night :0))


ja Wammeke,het lijkt idd lente. Gisteren was ik in de stad met Denise (vannacht eigenlijk, we waren naar de Common Linnets geweest) !!! :-))))) , en we hebben gewoon op terras gezeten, en mensen liepen zonder jas buiten, sommigen zelfs met korte mouwen... (vond ik weer een beetje overdreven..)

Dankjewel Pru, ik vond de kleuren ook wel mooi. :-))

Thanks Latifa, I'm so glad you liked them, I had not realized you would all think of fruity flavoured sugar mountains :-))))

Thanks so much janet, I liked the colors too :-)) Hugs back to you !

Kirsten.. :-))))) No need to sigh :-))) I'm very glad you liked my apparently edible mountains :-))

Gail, I assume that's a song.. But I don't know it. Could you please sing it for me? ☺

Magda, I'm really glad you liked them,thank you !!! I think I would definitely miss my mountains if I would have been born there.. Thanks ☺


Thank you so much for my lovely Swiss mountains (which I miss here). They are wonderful.


Twinkle, twinkle, little mountains
How I wonder where you are....


Mmmmm. Yummy gelati colours in the mountains, Maddie. Raspberry, strawberry, mango, pistachio, blueberry and blackberry! Yum! Love that sky too. The translucent clouds and glowing stars are wonderful. You draw beautiful pictures. Sigh. Thanks for sharing them with us. (❛ᴗ❛)


Oh yes they are so magical, thanks Maddie, gorgeous colours too. Hugs my friend .


Oh! They are magical Maddie! How wonderful :0) I really like the shapes of them, the shading, the colors and the stars! Thanks!

My husband said, "Yum, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, lime... they're so colorful and in fruity flavors :0) They are magical!"


Aparte bergen Maddie , maar wel heel mooi .


Ja zeker bij deze temperaturen. Het lijkt wel lente !!!


lekkerrrrr !!! :-))))))))


Leuk zeg, Het lijken wel waterijsjes.


Thanks Littlebuttercup ! :-)

I love this too.


Thanks so much, Jill :-))

Thans very much, Francine :-))

I had some doubts about those stars, Jo:-) But I couldn't resist them :-))) thanks so much !!


Beautifully done!! I love the blending of the colors, and the outline separating each mountain!!
Of course those stars add to the magic too!!
You do have a steady hand Maddie!! Thank you!! :)


Gorgeous, Maddie. Love the colours and texture too. Thanks.


They look delicious! The purple sky is gorgeous too.


Thanks Jill :-)) Coloured sugar?? Maybe you are hungry at this moment ?? :-))) But I agree, the colors ARE kind of sweet.. :-)


This is so lovely, Maddie! Thanks :)

Looks like the mountains are made from coloured sugar!

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