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Economy Sized

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  1. glovebox12:21
  2. fastfitter13:02
  3. splodge16:05
  4. cdbg16:35
  5. Surreal_Heidi17:31
  6. aguest18:42
  7. corky18:54
  8. imrock19:47
  9. chuckles195319:58
  10. Arnold20:07


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I like the contrast between the small Isetta in front and the large SUV right behind it.
At Surreal Heidi: The Isetta is a cute car, but you really don't want to drive it. Even a rather small traffic accident might result in your death, look at this big thing right behind the Isetta and crashing into it... If you want an efficient car you can buy what we Europeans call a "three-litre-car", meaning you can travel 100 km with only 3 litres of gas, that's equivalent to getting 78 miles out of a gallon. Possible models would be the Smart (Daimler) or the Lupo (VW) running on Diesel.


Very funny, fastfitter. This would definitely not be the grand prize on The Biggest Loser.

And millions of Americans would have to stop driving because they couldn't get in one, thereby saving the rest of the planet


If everybody drove this type of automobile, BP would be out of business, and millions of birds and fish would survive.


I wish they still made Isettas. The one i used to drive got 64 miles per gallon of gas.

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