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Express chair

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  1. MnMan450:05
  2. marunka2770:09
  3. Robbos0:12
  4. KatieZn0:12
  5. jntleman0:12
  6. Snilja0:13
  7. truck0:13
  8. PhilBre0:14
  9. nosnow_here0:14
  10. Robbos10:14


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LOL! Did you ever try to remind her that it's called "male pattern BALDNESS"? It DOES run in your family. Pat!


My mother always said I got my hair loss from "that Agent Orange stuff" in Vietnam. (Agent Orange wasn't used in my area of Vietnam.) She said there hadn't ever been a bald man in either her or my father's family EVER! And then we'd go visit my uncle, her brother, who made Kojak look like a Chia Pet!


A chuckle to Joe!

Your Mom was a wise woman, Kgranny!


Male pattern baldness runs (all right, gallops) in my family and most of the guys are feeling breezy on top by their 30's. I don't think it looks that bad, and can be very attractive. My Mom always said that it was all that brain power making it way too hot for hair! :-D


And why is it that I always get behind the guy that can't count???


Were you telling us, Pat, that you're of the "solar powered" variety??????


Selective hearing is usually only done by males, Pat. You female dog was pulling your leg!


I find baldness to be of no consequence whatever. And hearing loss? Welcome to the unexpected pleasures of peace and quiet!

Long ago we had a very clever dog and when she got old her hearing started to go. It wasn't long before she realized what an advantage she had. As long as she wasn't looking right at us she'd just go on doing what she wanted. We knew she could hear us some, but she pretended she couldn't!


One time when baldness is an advantage!

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