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Filey from The Brigg

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Now I understand, and I totally agree, it does look like a beautiful place to live, and you still have your family around you.
I only mentioned the fisherman as I read it on this link


Lin used to live two doors away from Kate and me in Bromley. Her daughter, my niece, Emma moved to Newcastle and Lin and Kevin had been to see her. They drove back over the Yorkshire Moors National Park and hit Filey. They like what they saw and by the time they arrived home they had signed on the line for one of the new houses.
After they moved we came up to see them and were just bowled over by the beauty of the Yorkshire coast and Filey. It is like a timewarp and because of the way it has been developed along the seafront there is nothing that makes it a rowdy seaside town - like Bridlington and Scarborough. In the photo the few little white buildings in the bottom right hand corner are the only 'seasidey' things with one amusements arcade. In the summer there is a bouncy castle and a roundabout for the little children.
As you can see, this is summertime and the beach looks almost empty. I'll put a few more pictures so you can see a bit more detail.
The coble boats are still there but they are going to be shut down by the Environment Agency - but we have all signed a petition and the cause has been taken up:
I would love you to come up and see it for yourself and it gets nowhere near as hot as down south but the air is good!


Thanks for the link Bren, I found it really interesting, but it is a shame that the last coble fisherman says he had to sell up and start working out of Scarborough, because it was too dangerous for him to keep going because he got stuck in the beach going in and out of it.

Tell me Bren, why did you and Kate decide to move to Filey? Was it because of your sister? It does look like a beautiful place.


The large buildings are known as The Crescent and they were hotels in the past. Delius and The Brontes came here for their summer holidays. They are now mostly flats and there is one nursing home.
Here is a good web site that gives you lots of historic info about Filey. It is a fascinating place.
Did you know the largest sea battle in the American War of Independence took place in Filey Bay with John Paul Jones and cannon balls actually landed on the beach further round the bay to the left in this picture.


What a lovely sight for sore eyes!


Are those large building on the hill, hotels Bren?

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