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KaleidoKlocks!! What’s The Time? It's Puzzle Time!! ~ Extra Large

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I made the middle left kaleido myself, from a texture I made from scratch. And then I recoloured it 50 times, shortlisted it down to this 12 (whew!) and added the clock hands. I’ve had this idea on my “ideas list” for ages. And then a while back, June posted something similar. That happens SO often! Ah, well. Perhaps it’s a case of great minds……… LOL

It gives me immense pleasure making puzzles, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. (•‿•)
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  2. irjeni20:34
  3. pescia56222:05
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  7. judihum25:12
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Please call me Kirsten, LT! (•‿•)


Exactly RW ;-)


I like to think of that as "savouring the puzzle", LT! So don't worry about your speed or appearance (or not! LOL) on the leaderboard. Enjoyment is what it's all about. And as long as you had it, that's all that matters. (•‿•)


I go slow and if I make it to your leaderboards, I don't stay long, but I really enjoy your puzzles. :-)


Awww. Thanks Ardy! It's lovely that you like to spend time with me. I very much appreciate that. My day was an average one (just an ordinary day at work) - but I'm one day closer to the week-end now! Yippee!! LOL Hope you had a good day too - and it's followed by another one today. ((HUGS))


Thank you, Kirsten. I just wanted to spend a little time are with you this evening. 57:36 I still like 5 o'clock but 3 and 10 have been asking for my attention too. (I really like them all.) I hope your day has gone well. (((HUGS)))


Oh, Sue! SO CLOSE!! Drats. But I'm really delighted that this one was a "four sizer" for you. I'm so glad you enjoyed this fun idea. And appreciate that you let me know. (•‿•)


32:41 Just missed by a few seconds. Enjoyed them all. Very creative of you indeed.


Awww. Thanks Danielle!! I really enjoy having these ideas, and then trying to make them come to fruition. It's such fun!! LOL (•‿•)


Thanks Gail! It was a fun idea to have, and then to experiment with. I'm glad you enjoyed it too. (•‿•)


Sorry, Davon. This one was a "recolouring" job, and I think that always makes it a bit harder, because the pattern is the same, and sometimes the colours repeat - but in different spots in the pattern. I'm glad you're up for the challenge though.

It's been a fun but quiet birthday, which is the way I like it. I'm not much for being in the spotlight. The most fuss has been on Jigidi - and it's lovely for all those wonderful people to go out of their way and make me beautiful birthday puzzles, and for everyone else to leave me gorgeous birthday messages. There are some wonderful people here on Jigidi. And I'm glad they choose to congregate here. I hope you're having a great week-end too - and if you celebrate 4th July, that it's been a good one for you. (•‿•)


Thanks Anne! the chronology department at RWE worked through the night on the design of this one. I'm a hard taskmaster. LOL I'm glad you like it, and found a fave. I'll have my minions send you out a purple clock, pronto. LOL I hope you're well. (•‿•)


I really enjoyed your colour variation on the same pattern, a really lovely kaleido. As to the clock idea, that was brilliant!!! Thank you, Kirsten!


I love the texture and the clocks are so creative! Thank you for a wonderful puzzle.


Your creatively never surprises me. However, opening one of your puzzles and thinking this will be easy and it's not does not catch me off guard anymore. THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. Hope you enjoyed your special day even if you worked. If not, hoping this weekend is all about you!


Certainly a pleasure to solve your puzzles my friend! You take so much effort to make them - I'm always surprised with what you come up with. I think the purple clock on the bottom row is my favourite - this will be the next division of your company I suppose. Well send it soon! I did note also the different times you put on the clocks but there's no way I'm starting puzzles at midnight thanks. Maybe the other end or later to finish. Thank you dear. Hugs. :-))

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