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Banks Door

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I see this weeks theme is “Windows, doors” etc and it just so happens we snapped a few doors last week in Akaroa, here’s the first one.
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@bet43 thanks for letting me know I’ll check it out


Coincidence , there is an article about this building in today's Press.


Oh, so lucky you were, Jill!
My parents and my older siblings had outdoor facilities until I was born. Then my folks moved to another house 5 miles down the road which had running water. Thank goodness. I'm so gaggy when it comes to smells, even public restrooms are a challenge for me. On our trip I had to pinch my nose and breathe through my mouth. lol
I'm glad it was only temporary for you all!


Hi Janet yes you had a busy day with your appointments etc. thank you my friend


Good for you Judy.
Judy we had to dig holes and create outside toilets until porta loos were distributed to the various area. Some people were really creative and established fancy ones. Thankfully our side of town was the least affected so we were able to use our bathroom facilities after a few days but for some areas it went on for weeks.

Janet it was a complete surprise as was an unknown fault. Also I had zero understanding of the literally thousands of after shocks that occur post a big earthquake. Definitely a trying time.


I was too tired to come by yesterday Jill. This is a very grand door. Thanks and hugs. ♥


That must have been a very scary and worrying time, Jill


I do think that will be one way the terrorists will attack in the future. They could really cripple us.
oh Heavens, most clerks anymore can't add, or subtract and can't count back change. I do have cash on hand and Hubby is always telling me I should put that in the bank. I keep telling him, that is our cash if we ever should need to run. lol
Oh my, what did you do without your toilets?


Yes Tea it will be interesting to see what happens there. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle, thanks

Judy I understand where you are coming from and I do think it makes us vulnerable. When we had our major earthquakes 2010/2011 there were prolonged power cuts and all sorts of outages (including not being able to use your toilets!) and many shops could only operate using cash for a while, which we never usually have, since then keep some cash in the house for emergencies. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle 😊


I really hate to see everything switching to online. Someday, there will be a huge panic and mess because the internet will be down and then what do we do? I'm beginning to think putting my money in a hole in the ground might be better. lol
Nice puzzle, Jill!


A lovely old building, maybe it’ll be used as a restaurant, that’d be nice. Thanks for the puzzle!


@JillianB I hope whoever buys it takes good care of such an elegant building


Same here Janet, this one has actually just recently closed and the beautiful old building is on the market.


An actual bank! They are slowly disappearing from our high streets over here as online banking takes over


Have a nice day😊🍁


Beth, yes it is and it so true we often take for granted what we see every day (actually places and people) 😊


Cyndi, thank you my friend

I agree Jerry, thank you

Dobra it is and suitable for a Bank.

Glad you like it Irena, thank you


My old town, Greytown, is known for its heritage wooden Main Street buildings. Wish I had taken more photos, and not just taken it all go or granted


Yor are georgeous 👌


Simple - elegant.


@JillianB Beautiful in its simplicity. TFP!


Such a lovely door. I really appreciate the arch!

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