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Widowed Cob and Cygnets, the Charles River Esplanade, Boston (USA), June 7, 2021

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This swan family made the news as the father (cob) recently took over all nurturing responsibilities for the cygnets following the death of the mother swan (pen).
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  1. Andrewpaetzold2:43
  2. nanapuzzler3:36
  3. era43:39
  4. mobil583:42
  5. carolsmc3:46
  6. Pekaji3:59
  7. Shosh5:00
  8. Peltopekka5:03


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Oh, this is so heartwarming and sad at the same time. Maybe he doesn't have time to grieve over his lost mate with being so busy taking care of his cygnets! Thanks for keeping us posted on their progress!


That's true!!


You're welcome. It is a sweet scene, isn't it? My daughter is calling him, "the country's most famous single dad."


Thanks Carol! Such a good Daddy*!*

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