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How did we survive ?

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  1. gc20190:07
  2. nico620:08
  3. JennyG660:08
  4. Zebrapleco10:09
  5. JoAnn50:09
  6. Ianto0:10
  7. cobra0:10
  8. SAYNO0:10
  9. wshealy0:11
  10. Surreal_Heidi0:11


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I read a articles in Smithsonian and Nat Geo magazines about our body's microbiomes. Mom's spit was most likely a good thing for us: a good way to swap microbes. (My Mom was convinced her spit was good for minor cuts, too.)


My mother never did that, I guess I was lucky, I just ran
around with a dirty face. Ha!

I can remember that very well. Oh my!!!


So true.....

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