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Flowers for today :-)

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  1. JillianB1:01
  2. perleblanche1:04
  3. auntmom71:09
  4. Ianto1:10
  5. Sissel1:11
  6. alias2v1:13
  7. ullauhrskov1:14
  8. Kayker1:16
  9. Junko1:25
  10. Berroye1:26


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They do have PW :-))))

Hugs back and thanks Val :-)))

:-)))) PCVS

You are so welcome Jill :-)))

Thank you Jackie :-)))

Thanks Janet and hugs :-)))


Beautiful lilies thanks Sissel, hugs dear friend. ♥♥♥

Very lovely, Thank you.


Can’t get much better than this plant. Beautiful thank you.

This is a wonderful example of natural geometry.


Fabulous thank you Sissel, Hugs ♥♥


These lilies have a kind of reddish//orange tint to them.


I am glad you like these lilys Laskadog. The color is great I think :-))))


This is exceptionally pretty !

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