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End of Guacamole Season coming soon

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Known as Bacon Avocados these are the largest avocados I've ever seen and they are so rich and oily that neighbors are coming all the time to check to see if they are "ready".
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  1. formankova636:52
  2. Yose9:22
  3. timc10:03
  4. mnijka12:05
  5. siswood12:12
  6. mafaas12:25
  7. aafeisty12:38
  8. gailwiltz15:12
  9. Bevhoo16:29
  10. manapuas17:33


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1jigFan, I'm sure you will enjoy them, although it sounds like they were picked too early.
The history that we were given was that they were developed by a colleges/universities in Southern CA. When the avocados turned out to be so large, it was decided that people wouldn't pay what they would have to charge for them, so they bulldozed the whole lot. We got one of the few "rescued" trees and it has been a great producer for several decades.


I was just given 2 “bacon” avocados from friends in CA. Quite small. Never heard of them (I lived in Miami for 2 yrs, where my tree had huge avo’s). They said to have patience and they will ripen although are hard as rocks now. Yummmmm.

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