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1953 Buick Super

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1953 Buick Super Convertible. Compare with the 1953 Buick Skylark which also appears as a puzzle on this site. You can see how much sportier the Skylark looked with its cut-down doors and windshield along with the opened up rear wheel wells. Of course, this was at a considerable premium in price.
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thanks whvt, sorry I never heard that one FORD joke.. I have never been to Russia.

I always thought that Oldsmobiles were testing ground for things GM wanted to use later after they had been proven for Cadillac's and that Buicks were poor man's Cadillac's. ?? Through history that seems to be that way things worked out.
anyway. any car that someone would buy was some kind of a choice for that person.


Mr_51_vic_ss, don't forget Found On Russian Dump. My uncle would drive no car that wasn't a Buick. Thanks, fyreline, nice puzzle!


Just to document my remarks in the puzzle description, here are the 1953 list prices for the four different convertibles offered that year: Buick Special - $2553, Buick Super - $3002, Buick Roadmaster - $3506, Buick Skylark - $5000. Quite a price spread from bottom to top.

I think that is a beautiful car by any measure, even if it did look old compared to any Ford product that year, and in spite of being built by the General Motors Corporation, making it General Mess of Crap. ;)

The mean joke was that a girl with braces looked like a 53 Buick grill when she smiled/


My dad had a '51 Buick hardtop. I loved that car. The hood would open from either side. The Buick dynaflo transmission was a "Slushbox". They slipped like crazy and were gas gusslers big time. but you couldn't feel them shift. ha ha.
The three holers on each side were the cheap ones, with less horsepower, and the 4 holers were the more expensive and more powerful ones.

Ford, First On Race Day,, Found On Road Dead, and yes Fix Or Repair Daily. so true.


Thanks for the memories! We had a '49 Buick when I was a kid. My brother & I defended the Buicks in arguments with our friends, who were also just kids. I don't remember their comments about Buicks, but I remember one of our responses: FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily. Our old Buick had the DynaFlow holes. We named her "DynaFlash"


The fender line is still there, but just not the top of the door line follows only on the Skylark. But this model does have the portholes. I like them.


I should add that the 1953 Buick Skylark puzzle is by Sunspot.

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