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So I wanted to let all my Jigidi friends know that going forward, I will not be around as much.

I am making a career change. Going from Office / Safety Admin (desk job) to driving a City bus. I will try to login from home, but I only have a laptop at home and I very rarely actually use it. With more than 10 yrs of office work under my belt I tend to avoid computer stuff unless I have to lol.

I will miss talking to all of you daily and will most definitely miss T&F's WAI game, but I am quite excited about this next stage of my life and learning the ins & outs of driving a bus :-D

Have a great day everyone :-D
Angel :-)
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TFS, I like this hug logo it's huge hope you're change went well. Ttfn a.k.a Red Sonja. Lol.


Hi Angel! Hope that 2018 has been good to you and that your new occupation has worked out well for you. I've thought about you through the year, missing your congenial, happy presence particularly at "Who Am I" puzzles, of course. Best wishes for your good health and happiness in the New Year... ♥︎☺︎♥︎


Thank you Iris, I will miss seeing all your pretty doodles :-D

Thank you Wendy - I do already have a ton of experience dealing with the public (my first job was working in a food booth in the Carnival - Yes I'm a carnie lol ) :-D

Gulliver - You're not the first to make that connection and probably won't be the last - as it's still funny lol - I will miss all your funniness :-D

Thank you JayneH - I don't know you well but I appreciate your cheers :-D

Thank you Ladyblue - I will miss watching you win WAI often ( you're very good at it - almost enough to make me jealous lol ) :-D

T&F I understand being bad at emailing and checking messages - I have my moments like that too lol. Thank you most of all for creating the WAI game and in turn the group of friends that are like an online family. Without WAI I fear I never would've met all of these wonderful people or had nearly as much fun on Jigidi.

I will be taking down the post with my email on it today - for those of you that noted it - you may share with other Jigidi friends that may have missed it (if they want it lol)


For purely selfish reasons I am sorry that you will not be around as much but I am happy for you. It is very brave of you to make such a big change in your career. I wish you well in your training and subsequent driving career . . . go girl . . . ;-)
You have become such an integral part of the WAI game and a very popular and well-liked contributor with both your guesses and your chat that you will be sorely missed . . . not only by me but by many others on Jigidi.

I look forward to seeing you whenever you can pop in . . . don't be a stranger . . . ;-)

Thank you for setting up the e-mail address . . . I have made a note of it but be warned . . . I am the world's worst at e-mailing and checking my messages . . . lol


Your presence will be missed, but congratulations on your new adventure!! *~Hugs~*


I haven't been on long enuf to 'get acquainted' with anyone, really, but everyone gets to be cheered on at times... so best of luck to you, xena. I sit in envy of your decision-making ability. :-) :-)


lol!! Fun flick.


Sorry, I couldn't resist.


Wow! That is quite the change of careers. I send you hugs and wish you all the luck in the world. I hope you like dealing with the public, they can be challenging at times................Wendy


Have fun with your new adventures! Grins!☺


Sounds like a plan to me! According to my dad ( already a bus driver and the person who convinced me to apply ) there are always lots of interesting stories lol


I'll have to tell you all about my big WAI wins - ha, ha, ha!

And I'll want to hear about your life as a bus driver - bet there will be plenty of interest every day! ☺


I sure am ready for a new adventure - I look forward to emailing with you Pam :-)


Thanks, Angel - I've noted your email address! You will be able to recognize me because my email address mentions both "pam" and "tampa"...

Like Gulliver said: a new adventure! Sounds like you are ready for one!


Thanks Pam - I'm pretty sure I'll like it - I already enjoy driving ( about 15 years ago I worked at an auto auction in the yard ) and I like people too :-)

Thanks Gulliver - The person doing next years safety audit already has my number LOL


Wow that's different! Best of luck on your new adventure :-)

Keep an eye on your rearview mirror. The person that has to deal with the next safety audit will be chasing your bus.


(((HUGS))) to you Angel, and all the very best wishes that your life goes well now and in future!!

I'm going to miss you so very much.

Hope you will like driving a City bus, and all the various riders you will encounter on any given day.

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