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Red-Winged Blackbird Female

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As I was photographing the hummingbird, a female Redwing flew in looking for food. She perched in this incipient oak tree, and with the sun behind me and fast shutter speeds, I couldn't resist taking some pictures of her.
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Lucky you, Don, to have a nesting pair. Maybe I'm just not paying attention, as I just checked Audubon's monthly bird count and they are seeing plenty of red-wings. Of course, I don't usually have to pay attention, the males are sitting on top of the reeds, singing and flexing their wings to show off the red patches. Hard to miss. I've been walking that part of the trail fairly often because it's on the way to the nesting tree swallows and Nuttall's woodpeckers. But I will try to remember to look closely this morning. The Audubon birders check a lot more of the river park acreage than just the trails I patrol, so them seeing something doesn't mean I'll see it. They see hundreds of Canada geese, and I'm lucky to see half a dozen! :-)


Good restaurants draw customers...


We actually have a pair nesting nearby - the female is a regular visitor at my feeding table several times a day, and is eating a lot - feeding young? That's quite unusual; I'd have expected them to move to one of the marshy areas - we have marsh on two sides of us, and our own marsh crossing our property several hundred yards from the house. At my previous place 3 miles down the road, once the weather changed they'd move to the reeds and not show up at my feeders the rest of the summer.


I haven't seen a single red-winged blackbird so far this year! :-(


Perfect shot Dondi!


The females do have pretty markings--nothing flashy to draw attention, but nice shades of brown.


Glad you didn't resist. Thanks, Don.


Indeed, why *would* you resist this lovely little lady? :)

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