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Governers Cup Rigatta tomorrow, more speed boats.

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I walked all through where the boats were, I thought they'd stop me, but no one did!
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I did too Pat. It seems like there is something going on here all Summer long, and Laybor Day weekend is coming up! There will be music/bands all around the lake all weekend, and fire-works.


Love it Love it....


Thanks Faye, I'll do that.


Just back on ya' doin? I don't have your e-mail with me so if you drop me a line I could e-mail back. I'll check my e-mail after dinner. Hugs


Faye! What a nice memory! :))


When I was a kid, my dad used to love watching the annual races...from Couer d'Alene I think...on black and white TV. Still remember Miss SloMo. :)


Morris, GOOD! I was worried about being asked to leave at any moment!


As long as you don't mess with their stuff, they don't care if you look around. Glad to hear that she is ready to go!


Hi Morris, yes they are hydroplanes. Tomorrow I lay low and stay out of the way!
No one asked me anything about being in there! Some of the owners were sitting around near their crafts, talking, I just moseyed on by!
I did fill up the sea doo today just in case. :))))


Look like hydraplanes to me, Jeannie! Which are very light and do skip over the water. They thought that you were one of them. Get out there on the sea doo tomorrow and make us all proud.

They are sure colorful.


There was security. I guess they thought I wasn't going to harm anything.
Suzy, they are like skipping a stone across the water, to watch. Makes you wonder what keeps them from rising up and flipping over. (I guess that does happen now and then)


Sleek boats!


I am surprised as usually they have security around for these events.


Excitng and noisey too!


That looks like it is going to a very exciting day!

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