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Milford Sound, NZ

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One of the most beautiful parts of our South Island. This is not my photo but we have visited here and have many photos but not sure exactly where, lol.
Milford Sound is a fiord in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island. It’s known for towering Mitre Peak, plus rainforests and waterfalls like Stirling and Bowen falls, which plummet down its sheer sides. The fiord is home to fur seal colonies, penguins and dolphins.
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Oh you dear lady, you did make me smile and I really hope you do get here sometime 😊


True appreciation, Jill. If I had one country to pick to visit it would be New Zealand so all of your information is truly valuable since I have not completely given up on the idea. The state of Washington has many of the same various terrain--rainforest, waterfalls, mountains--big enough for skiing and mountain ranges, glaciers, volancoes, prairies, beaches, etc. We have the same climate as well, but New Zealand is surrounded by ocean and I am fascinated by the opposite seasons. Christmas in the summertime--we associate Christmas with snow. Nope, keep on being a guide 'cause I am taking notes. ;-))


Thanks kayboblee sorry I do keep slipping into that role but people like yourself are very kind about it 😊😊


Thanks for being the tourist guide for New Zealand, Jill. Your photos an info is very helpful. ;-))


My grandfather also has a boat but, not a sailboat


Hey Patti welcome home, trust you have had a lovely time. Glad you enjoyed this view.


FABULOUS! Thanks Jillian!


Dj you have nailed it in your comment my friend. Thank you 😊


Marina it is quite a breathtaking area, thank you 😊


Thanks Lynette, they are pretty cool. Glad you enjoyed the scene 😊❤️


It is an awesome area Eva, thank you for your great comment 😊❤️


Maybe you will Tea 😊pleased you enjoyed it Tea Thanks


You just keep amazing me with all these wonderful photos of your country. Your island may be small, but you have everything everyone else does only compacted and easily accessible. Keep them coming...I'm loving it. :-)) dj


A wonderful trip with so many exciting things to see, plus animals. TFS, Jillian.


Wow what a gorgeous scene and would love to see those amazing mountains Jillian :-)


It looks like a dream so peaceful and beautiful ❣️ Thanks Jill❣️🌸❣️


Ah, I’d like to do that one of these days :)
Thank you, I had fun with your puzzle!


Good for you globetrotter but yes the question is when will things get back to ‘normal’ ? Thanks for visit 😊


Saw Milford Sound on TV a few months ago and it is on my list. That is when we get back to normality!


Brian the interesting thing about this fiord is that it gets so much rain and snow melt going into it that the top part of the water is fresh and the lower part salt water! But Shandy and Shanty perfectly acceptable :-)


Judy NZ is a great place to live but I wouldn’t want to live in Milford Sound, far to isolated for me. Only one road in and it’s through a long tunnel, plus in winter can be slips and even avalanches that can close the road. Would your husband still consider it?


No Audreygirl101 we don’t own a boat, thank you for your visit.


Beautiful scene Lady Jillian and great ship ! Shandy & Shanty time again !
Reminds me I used to drive a Fiord Granada just like they had in the Tv series The Sweeney with John Thaw and Dennis Waterman!, “ You’re nicked”
Thanks shipmate.......B


This is so beautiful! Wow. I think I might like living there.
My husband's class had a foreign exchange student from New Zealand. He always wanted to go visit after that.
Thanks Jill!

Do you have a boat 🚣‍♂️


Thank you eagleboi so glad you enjoyed it

Cyndi sounds like you would love this area my friend

It is that, thank you Taisia

@jerrys that is one of the fantastic things about NZ, has so many different types of landscape in a relatively small area. Glad to teach YOU something, usually it’s the other way round. 😊

Suzy I know I am biased, but it really is a breathtaking area. Thank you 😊


Well, this is a fantastic photo! A dream photo!!! And a fiord full of delightful creatures. :)


@JillianB Thanks for the lesson in NZ topography. Fiords down under, who knew? I thought they were spelled wrong and only lived in Scandinavia. ( I don't get out much.) Thanks for the lesson and this beautiful scene.


Amazing natural beauty, Jill!


What a lovely picture of Milford Sound. I would love to visit Mitre Peak, the rainforests and waterfalls. Would also love to see fur seal colonies, penguins and dolphins. I want to see it all!


Great shot, thanks for sharing.

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