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Beautiful cactus...

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  3. scladybug11:03
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  5. Kasperas12:38
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Sorry Folks- these are young cacti BUT they are NOT blooming! The 'flowers' are paper ones that are hot glued to the growth center of the plant to sucker in gullible people to buy them. Common practice in big nation wide companies (Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and so many others). All you have to do is look at the base of the 'flower' where it is connected to the plant and you will see the glue - not a stem that is part of the growing plant. If you google "flowers glued on cactus" you can find a lot of info on the subject.
Most cacti flowers are only open for1 day or night (some are night blooming while most are day bloomers). A few will last a day or 2 but a short time. They are also 'soft' like a flower normally feels to touch - not like the crisp/crunchy glued n ones do.
The real flowers will present on a stem, some longer than others.

There also appear to be a few grafted cactus in the picture - before buying one of them do research on the care they need. They are quite short lived without careful care.


Thanks jirma48!


Sensational beauty.


No how I wish thanks elvisqueen! Thanks susepuzzles!


This was one of the hardest to put together, wow ! What a beautiful and prickly arrangement !

Are these yours? I have tried so hard to grow these cacti and find it impossible for me. I even kill the ones that are already bloomed. They are so beautiful and I am so envious.


You're welcome Puggles1234!


Thanks for the fun cacti......Love.


Thanks Annette! Thanks PW, they sure are. Home Depot has some beautiful cacti...


I would even say that they are tops when it comes to blooms.


Those are beautiful cacti, Spunky.



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