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1996 R1100RS - Wrecked

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This was my previous motorcycle. I was hit almost head-on by a kid who made a wacky left turn. It was among the two most-totaled bikes I'd ever seen
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  1. msbonne4:09
  2. Operatenor5:12
  3. davidium5:12
  4. mippin6:08
  5. JohnA3116:49
  6. coyotejack7:31
  7. oldgold10:07


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At least you still have an outlet available to you, so keep enjoying.

boston_jack, you have mentioned many of my favorite things, but omitted SCUBA, snow skiing, auto racing, and a few other certainly non health promoting activities. I do hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Operatenor, keep on keepin on.


Thanks, guys!
Indeed, being safe is a priority for me. Before that wreck in 2003, I rode everywhere on my bike, be it commuting, or recreating. Ever since, especially since so many car drivers are more oblivious, thanks to cell phones, I no longer ride around town any more; I only go out on the backroads and play.


boston_jack, now I see what bugs you about the motorcycles.

You are absolutely correct in regard to the other people on the road. Way too often, the people in cars, trucks, and particularly SUVs, seemingly have no concept of other people or vehicles on the same roadway as themselves. These people are the main cause of motorcycle fatality.

Operatenor, I too, must say that after that much damage (no, not talking about the bike), you are even able, much less desiring to continue riding. Yes, I get it, it is a passion. The worst injuries I have ever suffered both came while motocrossing. Broke foot - my fault. Broken hand (other rider landed his handlebars on my hand coming down from a jump - his fault.

With the list of issues you have incurred, I do believe Evel Knievel himself would have given you a round of applause at your recovery, and would certainly have given you a pass on not riding again.

My helmet is off to you sir.


And yes, @boston_jack, there is a helmet law, here in California. Even before it was law, I was an advocate of wearing high-quality motorcycle helmets, especially since I worked in the motorcycle business. I estimate a helmet has saved my life at least five times.


And yes, the bike was totaled. The only thing I was able to salvage from out was the aftermarket exhaust, which is now on my current bike.


Thank you, @msbonne, and @boston_jack.

My injuries from this wreck were: my left knee, dislocated, and the ACL, MCL, and PCL blown; my right shoulder dislocated, the humerus broke in two places, and my right clavicle broken; and, my pelvis was broken in five places - I used it to whack the gas tank off the bike as I was launched from it.
I was institutionalized for 3-½ months, and I didn't walk for three months. Now, fortunately, to look at me, you wouldn't;t know I was a cripple, and I can still move pianos...

I did gat another one, which is the other BMW motorcycle puzzle I posted. I was the motorcycle parts manager for a local BMW motorcycle and car dealership at the time this happened, and BMW offered a great financing deal for dealership employees, while i was in the hospital. So, without even knowing if I'd ever be able to even walk again, I went ahead and bought it.


glad you survived this one Operatenor. So are you saying the damage here did not just buff out?

I love bikes, and have ridden and raced since 1971. Currently do not own one, but have friends that do and they let me take them out nearly any time I wish to.

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