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Lady_in_Blue by Rallé

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234 pieces
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Lady_in_Blue by Rallé - oil on board
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  1. keelymayer37:59
  2. ladyblue39:53
  3. Mdale51:55
  4. puzzlewoman52:04
  5. propuzzler1:02:29
  6. Katrando1:14:18
  7. Roslyn1:14:46
  8. bannersmom1:23:00
  9. anybodywantapeanut1:24:15
  10. vppayne1:25:39


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I'm glad things are improving for you. I hope things continue to improve. Have a lovely week. :)


I saw your comment under my puzzle.
Many many many thanks for your interest about me. I couldn't be "concetrated" because of trouble in my life and pain.
I get well again.
I wish you good evening ladyblue, my friend. Bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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