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Still Life Paper Collage

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  1. ecoultas8:54
  2. teaqueen9:10
  3. sinja109:59
  4. dotshell11:16
  5. LilRainDrop11:21
  6. Jademccall12:20
  7. Mary_Althea12:47
  8. Saga6112:57
  9. brondo13:00
  10. DFW13:36


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Hahaha! True! :-D


Perfect. Cats are quite often "still" life !! 😸😸

Dzięki!, Maxi!

I didn't notice that, Gramapenny --- thanks! xoxo

Thanks, Dotty - I appreciate that. We'd have nothing without the artist so they deserve credit! xoxo


Ładny obraz :)

And a great grandfather cat with a distinguished mustache hanging in a place of honor.


Great image for a puzzle. I love it that you always include the artist's name. Thank you for respecting their work and thanks for sharing the images in your puzzles. Dotty

S, If you're happy, then I'm happy! You certainly will have a year or two's worth of those smaller puzzles in my archive lol ---- knock yourself out loL! Happy Sunday! xoxo

Such a charming still life. Well done Alice! And such a fun puzzle,,,,,,so delighted I found your smaller puzzles, Jeanne Marie. Means I can do 2-3 puzzles a day. Insert big smiley face here! Thanks, S

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