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I'd Use One

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This is funny! However, be aware that ALL wireless technology emits radiation which is harmful to the human body. Pick your poison and decide how much you will nuke yourself accordingly.

People always act as though I'm from another planet when I tell them I don't have a cell phone.


I want one!!!! No millennial would know how to use it! Like driving stick shift :-) No one wants to steal them!


@Howard56 That's my problem as well , I'm always calling someone when I never meant to... : )

Thanks Shawnlimy, I love it. I want one of these. I only have to pick up my smartphone and it sets off some app I didn’t want. I like a dumbphone!


@TriangMan87 LOL , that would be my problem too... : )


@hermitish Thanks ... : )


@mauismom Thank you... : )

I'd buy one. But my fat fingers wouldn't be able to get into the holes to turn the dial reliably. I'd be mis-dialing all the time. We still have an old rotary phone in service as the basement extension.


I'm confused. I am over 50. My mother will be 94 next month, which is over 50. My grandparents would also be over 50 as would all my ancestors before them. My grandparents knew a bit about tech. They witnessed the introduction of electricity in homes. They knew about indoor plumbing but didn't have that at their house. They would call "software" "soft wear", as in clothes made of cotton instead of wool. Funny puzzle by the way, thanks for it.


@shawnlimy i love your humor. it helps me realize i'm not alone. keep on keeping on! as for these self conceited "young punks", without our generation, YOU wouldn't exist. it's all in fun, don't be making something out of nothing, you self made fault-finders. @Aries13


@Aries13 I'm well over 50 , What is wrong with you guys, it's a joke of a puzzle , I never made it , Just created the puzzle. If my puzzles upset you , then don't do them , you are just causing trouble.

Dude. Do you even know what ‘over 50’ means? That’s your parents - not your grandparents. And your grandparents are a) the folks who invented the base technology you say your parents can’t operate and b) created all the software for everything. Have a little respect.


@mifune17 Are you saying these are my Jokes ? I'm not a teenager , I'm not even young , it's a puzzle , lighten up.
You can always skip on by if it upsets you.


Interesting concept, but do these twits who knock old people realize that we invented cell phones, personal computers, and all the software platforms these things use? They invented highly intelligent things like Twitter and other social media nonsense that uses the base technology that us old people invented. Yes, our companies even invented mp3 and other digital music, smart phones, and digital networks that span the globe so you can text each other. Your jokes need to go back to a pre-baby boomer generation…….like the folks born in the 20s and 30s.


i like my flip phone. no internet- kinda like the 1st grade version of a smart phone


I miss my flip phone.
It fit easily in my pocket and only needed to be charged once a week.

I traded my flip phone for a smart phone. It is smarter than me.


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