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Fancy! Get out of there! Hmmmm, what looks good.

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Thank goodness for a dishwasher!
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  1. like921150:09
  2. riveroad0:12
  3. madmaxi0:14
  4. Ianto0:14
  5. DWSibb0:15
  6. snooker0:15
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  9. Carol660:17
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Thanks snooker, I just don't want people will get tired of Fancy and her cat-antics puzzles. :o)

Thanks Mimi, she if full of herself! :o))

Carol, of that I'm sure, and she would have made it too if I hadn't caught her. :o))


Just browsing Mom!


This is terrific Healer. She is one special cat!

You are taking some great photos of her, Healer. Keep up the good work as I am sure she will keep giving you plenty of opportunities. :)


Bentleyd, I didn't give her a chance! She was just reaching for something....and I caught her.

Morris, she really is, thanks. I don't know how she is figuring these things out. I guess she watches, and nothing escapes her.

Oh dear Suzy! Sneaky lessons! Now I'm in trouble, I'll never catch her! LOL

Yellowgal, that's right. Busted! But...I had to take the picture first because if I just told you about what she'd never believe me!

Geesh, busted just when I could almost reach the bologna!!! Good luck, Healer :)))


Oh, Fancy! You have to do these things at night, when Mommy can't catch you! Want me to give you lessons on how to be sneaky? :)


Too funny!!


Lol, Fancy did you find what you were looking for?


Faye, she's a hoot! Of course I scold her for getting into trouble, but first I get the picture! And I keep a lot of Clorox wipes handy to wipe down surfaces when she gets where she shouldn't.
But I let her get away with a lot, you can tell. Spoiled.


An absolute corker! What a lucky little princess she is to have found you. :DDD

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