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Deep Within Baskett Slough Nat. Wildlife Refufe

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90 pieces
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  1. pelok6:17
  2. judem9:49
  3. rocks2wear11:18
  4. Platypus11:26
  5. tirol11:40
  6. WVHillbillytoo11:40
  7. monajs11:41
  8. rs84792511:43
  9. janaoli12:54
  10. stoneboro113:39


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i saw where seagirl7 responded to your comments. He and his wife, Sue are great folks and good company here on Jigidi. They bring consistently great photos here for us to admire and do the puzzles. You'll enjoy swapping pictures with them. I like my puzzles around 100 or a little more or less. My eyes aren't the best for small puzzle pieces and Terry's size seems to work for me. There are folks who want the big ones and others who like the small size with big pieces. Jigidi has a wide range of folks and puzzles. You'll like it here. connie


WVHillbillytoo, or should I say Connie, funny you should mention seagirl17. She commented on one of my other puzzles. I'm going there now to respond to her. I shall do my best to post scenes from the beautiful state of Oregon! Thank you for your comments.

Very pretty place. Welcome to Jigidi. We could use another Oregon contributor. See seagirl7. Thanks for sharing with us. connie

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