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The melon patch is experiencing a "second coming". Big surprise in store!

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That's too bad, Plumpy. It's always difficult to eat the last fruit of the season that we've grown.

Scary to say, lela, I understand you perfectly...


Omom, there are several small melons, about the size of a tennis ball. Any that survive long enough to reach maturity (unlikely) will probably not be very good to eat.

Yes, Hanne, we do occasionally have frost here, usually in January or February. Mature citrus can usually weather it OK, but more sensitive plants do appreciate some protection. Freezing temperatures will ruin tangerines.

Lela, I suspected as much. 'Twas ever thus, eh?


Plumpy...."The public interest" is a very interesting, stretch-fabric of a term, that can be pulled and altered at one's convenience, so as to fit the changing shape of the body wearing it........
I hope I have made myself perfectly clear......


Do you expect FROST?? Thanks Varda!!


And all along, I thought lela was planting images in his images. Boy, was I wrong!

Can you pull the melon right at frost time and put it somewhere to let it ripen? Is this the only one? I can't tell by the photo how big it is.


Glad we're on the same page on that score, Lela. We ARE, aren't we? By the way, what constitutes the "public interest"?


Well I am totally against doctoring photos........."The truth and nothing but the truth"......(Unless of course it's in the public interest).....


Today. Southern California. I was about to clean up the melon patch in order to plant something else when I noticed the baby melons. I'm afraid the approaching cold weather and Santa Ana winds will do them in.


This was photographed when? In what state?


I'm not "techie" enough to be able to create fake pictures with a photo editing program. All my photos are 100% au naturel. Glad you liked this one!


Now this is one I can believe in!


thank you...


Ya can't keep a good melon down, apparently!


This baby watermelon seems not to realize it's time to quit.

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