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It's pizza and Scrabble night!

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  1. deborah585:18
  2. Tyco5:20
  3. JigiAddict6:22
  4. Bididi6:31
  5. troutmma6:36
  6. Jwarner6:38
  7. kaykays6:39
  8. Mimie6:41
  9. bodhibear6:44
  10. ShariErickson6:51


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Thanks so much, dize5.


I'm glad it hit some high spots for you, generic_bear2. Pass me another slice!!


Tough combination to beat, 3151ctp! I play on my phone with my son and that's got some goofy words, too - and won't accept some words that are in the Scrabble dictionary. Thanks for stopping by.


Love it!

Pizza an kitty! I'm in!! LOL Thank you Cap'n! Beautiful puzzle!


Pizza and Scrabble!! I'm in!...... .fed up with playing against the computer- which has some really ridiculous words.........


I totally agree and this was what I did with two of my "social bubble" friends on Saturday - they were gracious enough to let me win at Scrabble! I hope you get to win a couple games soon, Sandy.

What a great way to spend quarantine evenings! Two of the things I like a lot. Thanks. Sandy

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