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Sioux River, Washburn, WI

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Taken January 15, 2022
Our area is riddled with artesian springs, so many of our rivers and streams are still not frozen.
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How beautiful.


I've seen people swimming and sunbathing there. It's a beautiful spot, hodag.

Near the mouth of the Sioux is our favorite area to swim when we are in Washburn!


:-), Mila.
It's fun to hear that, Hodag. It's a beautiful river. I like it where it comes out to Lake Superior, too.

Thanks for the puzzle. I have so many great memories of fishing the Sioux River with my father in the 1970's.


(*‿*) 💛


You're welcome, Ed.


Beautiful, Li. Thanks.


Stefi said: Very nice .... thank you. Li's response: Nemáš zač, Stefi. You're very welcome, Stefi.
I'm not sure why, but our area is riddled with artesian wells/springs. We have several places around the area where we can get wonderful ice-cold water for drinking. Some people stock up with large containers.

You're welcome, Mila. It would be fun to have this kind of view out our window! Good question, Mila. As to being called a river, here is what one website says: "In truth, there are no technical differences between rivers, streams and creeks, according to the United States Geological Survey.

... In particular, the terms stream and river are often used interchangeably, and both are broadly defined as a body of water that flows on Earth's surface, according to National Geographic. All these flowing waterways require gravity to carry water from a point of higher elevation to a point of lower elevation.

Rivers and streams are, by definition, ribbon-like bodies of water. Ribbon-like may imply rivers are narrow, and they certainly are when compared to lakes and oceans, but several of the world's widest rivers are more than 1 mile wide.


Why is a river so narrow?


WOW! I want this in my backyard! And the photo is stunning! Ty Li!


That 's the explanation! I have so often wondered why there was still water flowing despite of the cold!


Moc hezké....děkuji

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