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Fruits & Vegetables #1

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OK. I finally created a new puzzle. This one is built on photos of fruits and vegetables. If you worked on my puzzles last year, you might remember that once I picked out a theme, I made a bunch of puzzles before I med on. Well, here we go again. I created over 50 kaleidos before I stopped, so I have enough for 8 new puzzles. I hope you don't get tired of them. With our garden doing so well, this theme was on my mind I guess. BTW, I really like comments, so let me know what ya think.
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  1. pamts40:57
  2. judihum49:35
  3. eltring51:50
  4. mm6053:19
  5. duchessp56:40
  6. catie20111:01:00
  7. peta581:03:59
  8. susieQII1:06:28
  9. dseamon1:22:10
  10. shook151:23:34


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Thank you, Shannon. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.


Hi Bill, You are VERY creative! Your puzzles are beautiful, and I'm enjoying them! Thank you :-), Shannon


I love your kaleido puzzles!!! Keep them coming. I hope I can find your puzzles from last year. Your garden must be huge! LOL. I like the larger size puzzles because they do take more time to complete. Like Joy said, more challenging. Thanks for making these and posting.


Thank you, Joy. I just took a look at the times posted on the leaderboard and wow! This size must be quite a challenge. One person clocked it in at almost 6 hours! I feel honored that you took the time to solve it.

Great puzzle! Very challenging, but I enjoyed solving it! Thanks!

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