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Hidden Sugar

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...and anything else made with pastry, dumplings etc.
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Good for you Yenny - you have done what so many of us talk about but never finish.
Sugar is so addictive and hard to kick the habit.
I will look at this chart when I feel tempted (which is all the time 👀) (̑̑•̺̑̑•̑̑)

Sugar is the least it's my enemy. My diet has increasingly been becoming more restricted for about 5 years since I first stopped putting sugar in my food. Then I started removing hidden sugars. I am now down to unprocessed fresh foods with very limited fruit...mainly just berries. Anyway I am feeling the best I have ever felt in my whole life, although I still feel challenged for food choice at times. I would love to tuck into a piece of cheesecake or a bowl of ice cream but I know what that would do to me. I have had my blood checked in the last year. Test results were excellent. I have also lost about 15kg which is about 33 pounds.


This is an easy to follow fun chart Yenny - I am down by the porridge !! (̑̑•̺̑̑•̑̑)



not a lot of things are sugarless. thank you for your thoughts and prayers; my hand is almost back to normal, and i feel much better. doc has me on a blood thinner and is keeping a close eye on me. i finally feel like doing puzzles again. stay well, Penny

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