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Pictures From Sunday. Larger.

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Last Sunday we had a wonderful BBQ with friends and I was stupidly forgot my camera. So my friend Jo took some pics for me on her phone. She apologized for the quality as the day was very rainy.

Left: Her partner hand feeding Red Necked Wallabies. They have a group come every day and have names for them all. We loved seeing them.

Middle: Her fabulous Grevillia was covered with flowers.

Right: A close up of the lovely Grevillia flowers.
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  1. davitai1:08
  2. alias2v1:26
  3. dize51:38
  4. NewSong1:39
  5. ironroad61:42
  6. albertwinestein1:44
  7. Pekaji1:55
  8. angelas2:06
  9. laura4mike2:08
  10. Rettch2:13


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Taisia, they are in the same family, but kangaroos are very big and walllabies are smaller. They have some special feed that they give them and it has taken a LONG time to get them this tame. Thanks and hugs. ♥


Janet, are Wallabies a kind of kangaroo? It is a very nice group of animals and they look like pets. What does the gentleman feed them?


Thanks Rettch, wallabies are quite shy usually, so it has taken a while for our friends to get them so trusting. Hugs.


Janet: Interesting to see the Wallabies. Also, that is a really neat blossom. Thanks for sharing


WOW! Look at you on top Diane. Thanks and hugs. ♥♥


Dize, I had a feeling today that this was "your day". Well done! ♥♥♥


A nice puzzle. We were very close today, Nev!


Again, didn't fare too badly today, Dize. Good luck. ♥♥♥

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