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Early Morning Activity

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Early AM, I looked out toward the child care center behind my home. Saw a light mist looking plume of smoke. Thought maybe the vent from a furnace/clothes dryer? After sometime I saw larger "PUFFS" of smoke........oh oh, I remembered people were repairing the roof yesterday using blow torches. Called Oak Harbor dispatch and told them someone better go and take a look. ER people arrived. Fire chief came by and told me they could not see anything. Invited him in and showed him what I was seeing. My house looks down on a the bldg's flat roof. Sure enough roof and part of a wall were burning (so glad it was not windy as I think the fire was looking for oxygen to get really going).


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Thank you, lovely Ladies.


Carol, you've done more than your duty. I'm proud of you ♥ ;-)

Yes, but you did call and persisted in making the "experts" review the situation and no doubt saved the building.


Thank you all for praising me. However, it took me awhile to convince myself what I was watching was not a good thing and do something about it.


Great catch, Carol! So glad you saw it and called it in!!


That's great Carol. You were taking care of your neighbourhood! ☺

I am impressed Carol. That was a great save on your part. A windy day and it might have really taken off.


Hi Weatherman! That is what they were doing. The roof is flat and old and the center has various people up there 2 or 3 times a year trying to fix leaks. Fire Chief told me there was a small fire and they poured a bucket of water on it. Then the idiots went HOME (per ME to Fire Chief). Don't know what our regulations are down here.......I am just glad the fire did not get oxygen or "poof".


Awesome Carol, I've worked in roofing 25yrs and they were probably applying a torch-on membrane. When installing this type of roof or membrane a mandatory fire watch of 2-4Hrs must be followed when work has stopped. A heat sensitive temperature gun should be used to monitor the temperature and log in the temp every 15min during this time period. Anyways you are a Star!!!


Oh yes....Goofie was often in the loft behind the curtain, but I know I would always have tried to save him! :)))


Impie, it was so fortunate the center is closed on the weekends. And am probably one of those people who would run through a fire to save my Kitty Boy. :))))


I wouldn't call this selfish….you did what was right ...better not think of what could've happen, but you most likely saved the building from going lost. You've probably made a lot of kids and the people that work there, happy!!! And you've also protected your sweet Kitty boy in a way….that's not selfish in my books! :)


Thanks, Impie. However, the Fire Chief was tending to business by coming to speak with me about what I was said I could see. :) He did say if the fire had got going in the middle of the night the building could have been lost. I'm selfish, my home and several others are in very close proximity!!


You did well by calling them and convincing them to take a better/closer look, Carol. Good for you! :)