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House in Irkutsk, by Petr Adam Dohnálek (pic cropped)

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  1. weavingteacher3:36
  2. 4811103:39
  3. heathmang3:42
  4. kelizabeth3:45
  5. clancy23:46
  6. wayteri13:49
  7. renrams3:54
  8. rosez4:00
  9. jbachman8294:03
  10. suss4:10


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Oh dear..... You got a lot of work of head of you Sue. It will look like the Swedish flag when you're done with it...haha...


You're keeping me busy Kari, another house I feel needs a new coat of paint. Shutters are nice and I think blue diamonds on a yellow background would cheer the house up. Thanks...Sue

Hi Joyce and 48! I got curious about the temperature in Irkutsk so I googled. It look's like they can have up to about 77 F in July. That's quite a good summer temperature I think. But the winter months were quite another matter..... LOL. I'm happy that you have nice weather over there 48 (and probably you too, Joyce). It's about the temperature we are having here today. I prefer around 70's though - we have some rain coming in so I probably don't have to wait to long for a bit milder weather. Shame it's going to rain though.... :-))


Must be summer there when the picture was taken. :-) Having been born in Alaska I can appreciate the northern climates and have a soft spot in my heart for them - Alaska and Western Canada enjoying a 'heat wave' at present - temps in the 80's and glorious sunshine for the past few days! Thanks for the puzzle!


I knew it was Russian but just looked up Irkutsk & found it's in Siberia!!! BRRRRRRRRR Great puzzle and another fun to solve one. Many thanks again Kari!!! :))))
(time, 4:12)

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