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Flower parade, bloemencorso

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Thanks friends, indeed it's very lovely. Well Piley then you know how much work it is. I think that way it will be beautiful too. Do you have photos? I would like to see it. There are different places in NL and Belgium where parades are held. Different themes but always beautiful. Laura, now and then I watch Mary Poppins too.


wat een mooie bloemenwagen Ank!!!


How I loved Mary Poppins, as a young girl! I even bought the 40th anniversary DVD and watch it from time to time. Beautiful, Ank!


A PARADE! What fun!!!!


Wow!! I would to love see this parade! beautiful Ank


Great post, since we do not have that many flowers (we host the E. Idaho State Fair), we use to use chickenwire for the form and stuff with open napkins to get the flower effect, still a lot of work. Do not know of anywhere that does that kind of float anymore.


Hi Pat, thanks. Have a nice afternoon and evening.

Lovely photo.


Hi girls, yes it is very beautiful and of course seeing it in person is always the most beautiful way. Then Jan you a lot of how it works. I did not know you have something loke this in Portland. I know in California there is always a flower parade the first of January.
Well I'm glad you like it, I'll show you more.
Thanks to Hanne, she asked me for it.


Mary Poppins with her umbrella. This is just gorgeous, Ank. You can see how much work they put into it! Amazingly beautiful. I can hardly wait for the others!!

In Portland, we have a "rose festival" every year in June. There are many floats in the big parade. We use all kinds of flowers, seeds, branches, leaves and other growing things to make the floats. I got to help make a float one year - - a lion was the main part - - and it wasn't nearly as beautiful as this one. I do know, though, how hard you have to work to create these!
Thanks so much, Ank


WOW! Love it! Thank you, Ank!


Wat een kunstwerk, hé. Zeer mooi om dit zo, te zien. Dank je!!


Ank, these are wonderful. How beautiful it must be to see them in person. Thanks!


Yes it's a great project, every year, they also have a competion. Who has the most beautiful.


Beautiful and fun. Mary Poppins flying with her umbrella. What a wonderful project to plan and make each year. Thanks, Ank, for sharing and the hint of more to come.


Wonderful! They put a lot of work into this. Thanks Ank.


Wow. The imagination, artistry and skill on these floats are amazing. A wonderful display and parade.


Well gils I'm glad you like it. Hanne if you look well you see that I posted this as Theme. So there is coming more.
People growing the flowers themselves, people build the model of the car, first they have meetings, what do we do this year. Then they pic the flowers, every flower gets a nail in it, other put the flowers on the model. They all work togeher. As I said they grown the Dahlias. There are many colors and different Dahlias, you can pic them all summer, they flower and flower. They change flowers with other villages. Today you have the parade, in two weeks we. So lets help each other. That's the way it works.


Ank, it's wonderful!! I do hope that you post more pictures from corsos!! And thanks for you information! We wondered how people got the amounts of flowers needed for the floats, but I think I understand that the inhabitants of a village go together growing flowers and building their float!! It's awfully interesting and must be a gigantic job!! Thanks so very much!!


I love a parade. Thanks for the great set Sissy


This is magnificent, Ank, many hours of work has gone into this, Thank you Ank.


Love it :-)


So beautiful. It looks like it would take a year to complete this float. Thanks for sharing with us, Ank!


Some people are very creative and these floats are just beautiful, Ank. I just got a whiff of those beautiful flowers as the float passed me by! Thanks for a lovely post.

We change places now - have a lovely day and I'll see you in the morning:)


Netherland is the land of flowers. At various places are flower prades, once in a year. The parade of Zundert is the biggest. There are two kinds of parades. The kind of the West of NL and the kind of the rest. In the West the parade is more for flower arranging and it's more commercial. In the rest of the country there are floats with images. Therefor they usually use Dahlias. Here it goes more to the sense of community. The dahlias are specially grown for the parade. People in the villages work the whole year together to make their float. They are real works of art of flowers.

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