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Lovely lake time

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When I disappear from Jigidi for a few days, this is what has pulled me away - time on a lovely lake (without wifi!).
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  1. puzzleplease1:47
  2. troutmma1:51
  3. kathy552:00
  4. jlovermyer2:08
  5. minsann2:17
  6. addie862:37
  7. P9westy2:46
  8. Cheannie2:53
  9. skpy3:03
  10. jennyb3:15


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Oh, I hope you have a lovely time, skpy! I am ready for a nice relaxing lakeside weekend! :-)


I'm with you on lakes vs ocean. My sister is all ocean! Headed to our lake tomorrow for 4 days, YeeeHaaa!


Thanks so much, browndr. I really enjoy looking at the lake in its many iterations and reading my book and watching birds and basically, not doing much! Have a lovely weekend.


It's a temporary move, skpy, although at times I've been tempted to make it permanent. However, it would be hard to leave my friends here, I think. I did move a lot as a kid (my father was in the service) and now I'm kind of settled in. For this week, anyway!!


Thanks, JessL69.


Well, I hope you have a grand time, Mary, and that you see all the sights possible! My friends are coming to the lake with me this weekend for Memorial Day and I'm really looking forward to it. Enjoy!


It is nice, Sara. I have really been a "lake person" rather than a "beach person" for my whole life - to me, lakes are so much more interesting than beaches, but to each his own! Have a lovely weekend.

Have nice times at the lake. important to relax and we will welcome you back to the land of Wifi when you are ready.


Hope the move is going well.



Great puzzle! I’m taking time away next week, too! Can’t wait to see great sights! Like so many things in this creation! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your “disappearance”!!!😊😊⛵️🦆🐚🦩🌈😊✅


Nothing like time away from it all. I will also be disappearing for short periods of time.
Thank for the great puzzle - love the ice cream cones. Sara

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