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New Boat Seats! Do you like the name "The Hissy Fit"

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Yes you could Sarge, it will really move when I want it to, but a lot of the time, I like to just cruse and enjoy the sights. Oh, the name, thanks. It's not because I have "hissy fits" :)) I have a couple of kitties. They are a lot of company.


Great name for a great boat. I could probably board one like that with my wheelchair.


Lyndee, it's a 24' boat, and I can get a lot of people on it. We can even throw on some lawn chairs for more seats. The seats in front are about 6' long. It's big. It would be a blast! Big Bamboo's would be our firs stop. :))


My favorite watercraft Healer. I love pontoon boats. They are so relaxing. This looks like a really nice one. Wish we could all go for a ride on it together. Wouldn't that be a blast?????


Snooker, good one. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Best name in the world. Also gives you some wiggle room if you ever get ticked at someone out on the lake. :)


Hi Mecera, I thought so too! LOL Thanks!

Hi Roerick, me too, they go fast enough, or slow enough, and you can get up and walk around on them, take a small grill (but don't let me do the grill cooking), a pick nic, fish, ski, go tubing, lay out and sun, swim off the boat, what ever.

Faye, sounds like fun! But...I don't think my little car would pull it. Darn! :))) Nice thought!

Hey Suzy, The boat is fun, but the name, and my cats...I had to do it! :DD

Yellowgal thanks, I wanted the inside to match the outside, I think it does pretty well, and there's no mistaking my boat on the lake with that sign on the front! :DDD

Wow! Love the new seats décor, very posh. And I think the name is perfect, you are such a clever lady there, Healer, have fun with this!!


What a riot!


We need this at my sister's...wanna drive on up? :)))


Fabulous, Healer. I love pontoons. They are great for fishing and just a lazy day on the lake. Love the name.

Perfect name.


Thanks cookiequeen, I had new seats put on it this Spring. It's not a very deep lake, a lot of us have pontoons, but it's known for it's good fishing also.


Nice looking boat! Thanks for the puzzle.


PLG, it's my pleasure, and...that really is my boat... :DDDD


LOL! Thanks for making me laugh so much tonight, Healer!

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