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Check out the locks

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On the Main Street of Oxford there still stands a little two cell jail house with its original locks - built in 1876. NZ
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Yes I think that message would have got through Putem! Thanks

Those were the days when the message was 'you don't want to come back here.'


Thanks Suzy glad you liked it.


Great photo!


Glad you enjoyed them Janet, thanks and hugs ❤️


I love old doors too, thanks and hugs Jill for this one and the one before too. ♥♥


Sure looks like they took it seriously Marina 😊


Well! They had to secure them inside!.


Ha ha Perfect way to put it Dobra 😊


I wanted to say that whatever is behind this door is certainly safe. But when I read your comment, I see that it is more about the safety of those who stayed out!


Yes it wasn’t long ago, had made the puzzle but never published it. Thank you 😊❤️


Remember this Jill a great close up thank you ☺♥


Yep you got it sorted now Judy, thanks, enjoy your weekend.


Before I saw it was a jail, I was wondering who was so valuable that they needed to protect them with those locks. I guess the answer was they weren't valuable but they couldn't allow them to escape. Good one, Jill!


Petra I guess it’s a what goes in gotta stay in 😊

Amazing they haven’t rusted away Cyndi, thanks

Very good point Jacki and there where no windows just the little peep hole gap!

Bob I hadn’t thought of that but actually you are totally right! 😊


Hope the hinges on the opposite side of the door are just as solid as the barrel bolts or there maybe a few problems.


There are times when I think it would be nice to have been born in an older simpler time . . .
And times like this when I'm not so sure . . .
(to be stuck behind this door, no matter how beautifully it is painted on THIS side . . . oh dear . . .)


Love this old red jail house door with all of the locks....


Safety first !! :O)

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