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There Be Spiders Down There

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While it is true that all spiders can bite and they all have venom, I am not aware of any in Britain that are harmful to Humans. Then again, walking through a darkened room and catching a web across one's face does little to calm the nerves. And thanks for the advice PG, but I think I'd rather face an angry camel spider than an outraged lass. :-).


Don't go if they're Brown Recluse Spiders! Nasty critturs. Tarantulas? They won't hurt you...field spiders are alright, too. The girls are going to wait for the guys to do the dirty work!!!!


ET do you have any poisonous spiders in your area? It is for the good of photography so get in there and get the picture. Send in one of the girls we can sacrifice one of them for the good of the cause.


"You go first."
"Unh-unh, you go."

I started to go inside, then I saw one of THEM, easily an inch across.


Thus...... no photo shoot inside!!!! Love this one Turdie. Thanks


Great Puzzle thanks

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