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Good Morning Thought

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Celeste this is so true in a lot of cases. thanks for stopping in
Shirley Don't feel bad I do it all the time. Thanks


Such a true saying. and saddening as well. esp when someone you trust so fully betrays you.. sighs


True Pat true, sorry I'm so late, I forgot to post my comment again.


You know Jacques you are so right. Thanks for stopping in.


much truth in so few words pat!


Good evening Francine by now the snow is gone and it's raining. We don't have the wind as bad. Thank goodness.
Good evening tampagirl I hope it is over. Good to see you.
Good evening Jan thanks for the thoughts. That generator has came in handy a few times believe me.


Thinking about you, glad you have that generator! Stay warm and dry!!


Hoping this mess is over with soon pk. Take care


Good morning Pat. Haven't yet listened to news today; I too hope worst is over.


Good morning Morris. Boy do I hope so, although we are still getting it. Got to go catch you later. Hugs


I hope that worst is over, And that you all remain safe!


Good morning Ank thanks for the concern.


I'm glad to read that you're well prepared, but I do hope it is not not necessary. I'm also glad Ardy is well, I already left you a note Ardy.
Stay well girls and try to have a nice day.


I know what you mean. My daughter went home yesterday and had no power. She lives in the east central part of OH. But she has a fireplace and a generator. When we lived in the city didn't worry about those things so much. Now in the country and have a well for water it is a little different. I always looked at it like camping. Even with a motorhome we very seldom go places where they have electric and I never cook in it unless I really have to. Sure glad you made it thru so far was worried about you.


You've got great kids!! Glad you can have power. Losing it is what makes me most apprehensive during a storm.


Thanks Ardy. Anymore I don't have to worry about having power as we have a generator. It will power most of the house. The year we sit with no power and water for eight days, the next year the kids got us one for christmas. I had a generator breaker box put in. So I can just plug the cord in and start flipping breakers. It takes us off line and generator only. It cost a little but was worth it.


Good morning, Pat. I see you still have power. I've been blessed not to have lost it. I suppose it still could happen as they work to put the thousands without back on. Thanks for this thought. It is so true. May you stay safe today. Hugs.

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