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Our Cape Breton Cabin almost finished 2008.

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  1. like921150:34
  2. CelesteH0:40
  3. Graciela0:42
  4. girch0:42
  5. tessy0:46
  6. chookies0:47
  7. madhat0:47
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  10. pkin380:49


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Very true PKH, thanks.


It is the other guys ya have to watch out for in the snow. And if it's really nasty out, how nice that you don't have to go anywhere!


Thanks Kari and PKH, it really is nice with a lot of snow except for driving which can be a challenge as you both know!


So nice in the winter! Snow shoeing. Cross country skiing. Snowperson building. Snowball fights. Snow forts. GREAT place!!!

Very nice cabin Robbie! Looks cosy with the snow all around. I love a lot of snow in winter. Thanks for sharing! :-))


Thanks all of you, Ardy, Celeste, PK, Shirley, Graci, Madhat, Hanne and Ank. I guess it is a step up from a cabin. I loved being inside with a roaring snowstorm outside, rock music blasting, roast in the oven and a glass of port to savour!! The fireplace gets too hot, keep the heat on 12 Celsious and wear a sweater!!


Wow, this looks great, but cold.


Oh, it looks great, thanks so very much Robbie!!


Beautiful place and cabin. Many years of great memories will be there.


Nice and roomy cabin Robbie, I love Cape Breton but you won't catch me there in February!! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Love the Cabin Robbie, not so keen on the snow, although it looks nice.


This is awesome Robbie. Love it


:) Great Robbie
Awesome place


That's more than a cabin. The cabins I'm familiar with are one room buildings This is a lovely place. Thanks for sharing. I think it's beautiful..


It is PD, yes the view was on earlier puzzle, thanks.
Sure is yellow, thanks.
I did Marilyn until the cold finally got to me one night. Actually I was in one of the smaller buildings on a blow up mattress and a wood burning stove that heated me up to a hundred degrees half the night on one side.....the other side was freezing!! Not nice in february, I went to a rented cabin with electric heat! A local builder put it up for us, thanks.
No chickie, she would not come up in february while I skidded around on the ice in the car! I had hot tea, no shots gem, ruins the tea.......had a separate glass for that! Thanks.
Thanks whiz, not yet, I can't get my wife back in the winter.....Maybe I can get her three brothers up and hook them on to a sled....THAT would be FUN!!! Thanks.

It does look cozy! any sled dogs yet?


With a shot of something else, too!


I suppose you put Jenny to work shoveling snow, while you sipped on some hot chocolate.


Did you stay in the barn while constructing? Did you do it yourself or contract out?

Snug as a bug in a rug, Robbie & Jenny, what fun to have your very own hideaway!


Looks very cozy--with a beautiful view!

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