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De Nile - it's a river in Egypt

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  1. Dilubreuer0:44
  2. racoonstar0:45
  3. Bella10000:48
  4. alias2v0:48
  5. evielou0:50
  6. Pekaji0:50
  7. Ianto0:50
  8. osersan0:51
  9. Yogz170:53
  10. redina10:54


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I've never visited de Nile. At least not on Jigidi. Like Fay, I'd love to see your original post and facts. If it went poof and you don't have it either, then that's a great pity and a loss to all of us. (Welcome @oldoakchair )


Welcome to Jigidi @oldoakchair . You'll find us a mostly warm and fun lot of puzzle solving fools. :D


Welcome to jigidi, oldoakchair. I know you will enjoy it very much and will make a lot of new friends all over the world. If Mazy doesn't answer your comment, don't take it personally. She has disappeared and we miss her very much. I'm very happy to meet you, and send greetings from Florida. :))

what fun, I am enjoying this puzzle universe and the people here, I am homebound and so are we all right now. I hope everyone in puzzle world is ok.


Mazy, as kids playing hide and seek, we used to call `Come Out, Come Out , Wherever you are.’ And that’s what I’m doing now, I need to see your lovely original Avatar, and read your witty comments. Love and big hugs, Fay.


@Mazy , I love the image & if you still have your original comments, I would love to read them. You always do a thorough job of fact finding to accompany your interesting puzzles. I'm certainly open to your "private-publishing" it to me (or whatever it's called when you don't release your puzzle to all of Jigidi but just tag select people). I'm curious as to what you had to say & would love to know more about your image. (The title/quote is one with which I'm familiar & it brought a smile.)


I did a write-up on this image but it was removed.

I neglected to point out in the original puzzle that what you can see there are aurorae - which happen much, much higher than the limits of our breathable atmosphere - which is so narrow it could not be seen here. If someone wants to politicise my fact there, or make a religious comment in response, or bring up gun control or something, I hereby publicly point out I can't exactly stop peoples' opinions, or their reactions to my opinions about aurorae.

And don't laugh too hard, because some people can find anything factual that I post fair reason to bring up politics, guns, and religion, and then report me for posting partisan puzzles.

I did a lot of research to go with this puzzle to inform on what you see there, but that went poof when the puzzle did. So, no more facts for you.

As always, I encourage everyone to do their own due diligent research to learn everything they can about our world.


And for your listening pleasure, I offer Pam Tillis singing "Queen of Denial".

And yes, she's the daughter of Country singer Mel Tillis, who appeared in the original Cannonball Run movie staring Burt Reynolds, Dom Deloise, Farrah Fawcett, Roger Moore, and a long list of other actors you'd recognize.


Wow, Mazy!

BOB!! That's awful!


This is a great picture. Thanks. Ha-ha, racoonstar, good one. :)))


A 3 month pregnant woman falls into a deep coma. 6 months later she awakes and asks the doctor about her baby.
Doctor: Don't worry. You had twins, a boy and a girl and your brother named them for you.
Woman: Oh no, not my brother! He's an idiot! What did he name them?
Doctor: Denise
Woman: That's not too bad. What about the boy?
Doctor: Denephew

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