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I need a hug!

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  1. Baldhead0:50
  2. PLG19580:50
  3. hadzi0:53
  4. puzzeljac0:57
  5. Toto1:00
  6. wshealy1:03
  7. Jamie_Finch1:04
  8. Klisa1:05
  9. misty20131:07
  10. girlmouse611:07


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Awwww. Love this, come over sweetie. You can get as many hugs as you like. ♥♥♥♥♥


Many hugs from us. Look at those beautiful eyes.


I could not resist those eyes, thanks for posting it.


Is that a lab. puppy?
We had a labrador retriever.
Great dogs. Very clever.

Your wish is my command---you're a real cutie-pie!


Love this one as looks just like our unter did when a puppy. Here are hugs for both of you! ♥♥


Awww, irresistible!


Any time, anywhere. :) Big hugs!!! ♥


Hugs, kisses, scratches . . . and anything else your little heart desires.

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